I often fall asleep like this, on this occasion my Wife Paula filmed me. I later found the Video while looking for some old photo. I edited and added music to the video, I titled the piece Sleep you can download it HERE 13.6 meg

I like the fact that I was unaware of the film until some months later.

4 Responses to “SLEEP”

  1. oona goodman says:

    you’ve got a funny wife! she must be a lot of fun to live with, but why she didn’t show this to you I don’t understand. I would’ve just for a laugh.
    still, love what you did with it, the music is excellent, and that clock is mesmerising!

  2. willfuzz says:

    Miss Kensington don’t forget that Sam Taylor-Wood’s film of David Beckham having a kip. I just liked the fact that nothing was set up and I just found the video. I thought it was interesting.

  3. Miss Kensington says:

    The philistines may tell you that Mr. Warhol has already done something similar to this in the 60′s … also named his film ‘Sleep.’ However, Andy would be proud of the collaborative effort to keep art exciting. Neat video.

  4. Frank Coleman says:

    Cheers, Will – I love this!

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