THE DADA MOTH this is a mixed media work in progress it may be leading me to something, not sure what yet.

4 Responses to “DADA MOTH”

  1. Red says:

    ps — not only is the artwork cool, i love the photograph of the artwork against the brick! the sunshine is awesome!

  2. Red says:

    this is so cool!! i love all your moth stuff! fantastic! :-)

  3. oona goodman says:

    I want the t-shirt!
    no, really, can you make me one, just for me, mind!!!

  4. bunni says:

    This is lovely! There was a street vendor in NYC about 15 years ago selling real (but dead) butterflies in glass cases. Felt bad about buying one but haven’t stopped thinking about it since! I hope you decide to sell some of these rare pieces one day (even the works in progress). Fantastic art and the frame rocks too.

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