This is my space at the JMU Liverpool School of Art and Design.


Prints drying in the Rack.


Work in progress.


Acrylic and screen print combo on MDF.

Fade out Screen print of a young man.

A stack of Paintings in the studio.

5 Responses to “THE STUDIO”

  1. willfuzz says:

    Most of the paintings were done at my house, in my little basement studio ‘The Pod’, so the mess was in the Pod. Now pretty tidy and back in action as a music studio.
    I also did quite a few of them outside in the sunshine (when available).
    I have mainly been concentrating on the screen prints which are done in the printing room.
    All the mess is cleaned up after every session.

  2. oona goodman says:

    your studio is suspiciously clean! my friend’s here in Chelsea,NYC looks like a fire trap! Do you have a “char”?

  3. Frank Coleman says:

    Bravo, Will! Nicely done….

  4. Red says:

    Yes! i agree. the ‘Fade Out’ piece is really cool! :-) Love the studio photos too. Keep ‘em coming! Someday I want to own the ‘Moth’! (still my fave!) ♥

    Red x

  5. Timothy Strelchun says:

    Hi Will,

    I want you to know I really like your “FADE OUT” piece. The 2D figure really rips out of its prison into the third! Just amazing.


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